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quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

Hello my lovelies ♡ Today I want to share with you my chosen products for the "7 Deadly Sins Beauty" tag. This is my second tag after the "What's In My Bag" post here. I'm also adding mini reviews so you can know a little bit more about the products I use and why I chose them. Lest move on to the tag questions!
Olá a todos ♡ Hoje venho partilhar convosco as minhas eleições para o tag "7 Pecados Mortais da Beleza". Este é o meu segundo tag a seguir ao "O que está na minha mala" que publiquei aqui. Adicionei também pequenas reviews a cada produto para poderem ficar a saber um pouco mais sobre os mesmos e as razões pelas quais os escolhi. Tenciono colocar a versão em português mais tarde numa aplicação de tradução automática. Desculpem o incómodo mas se traduzisse tudo a publicação ficaria gigante! 

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive? 

☛ Most inexpensive: KIKO Super Gloss in 108 and KIKO Nail Lacquer in 366. The lip gloss is a dark pink shade product that I bough on sales for 3€. I love its fruity fragrance and creamy texture, I feel like this is a great color to complement my light skin. This is the best gloss I own specially because of its quality, for me it ended up being a really good bargain. Please notice that in my country makeup is usually expensive because of the shipping rates so maybe if you live in America you'll think that this is too much to pay for such a ordinary lip gloss.
This Kiko nail polish was also bought during sales, Kiko nail polishes are usually worth 3,50€ but I got this for only 1,50€. If you want to see the rest of my Kiko nail polish collection click here.

☛ Most expensive: MAC Matte Lipstick in Smoked Purple and MAC Mineralized Blush in Feeling Blush. MAC beauty products are one of the most expensive in my country after Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Shiseido and the rest of the "big" brands. Products from MAC go around 30€ per item, a fact that my wallet finds very painful. My MAC lipstick comes in a very deep purple shade that I used during Lisbon Fashion Week (2011) here and here. The quality it's amazing, it's basically everything you can ask for a matte lipstick. It has a great staying power, it's really pigmented and it has a sweet fragrance that I personally adore. However, I find it very drying. I had to moisturize my lips every night and morning just so I could use this lipstick during the afternoon fashion shows! The MAC blush it's my favorite one and it comes in a beautiful galaxy kind-of-texutre. When applied it turns into a subtle light baby pink shade that instantly brightens up your face. If you are looking for a natural makeup look this might be the blush for you. Just keep in mind that this MAC blushes are very pigmented, try not to exaggerate when it comes to applying unless, of course, you're going for a more exuberant look.

 2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get? 

☛ Love/Hate: That would definitely be my Sephora Concealer Palette. As you might tell by the picture I use it a lot, specially the green shade concealer (the one on top that's almost over) which is the one that covers up the redness of my face. My skin has always had redness but I usually control it with my regular foundation, the only occasion where I use the green concealer is when I start having severe acne breakouts that makes my face look like a smashed tomato. The green concealer works pretty well, it has a pasty texture but doesn't dry my skin. It instantly reduces my redness which makes me love this product to death but, on the other hand, I only use it when my acne gets me to the point of desperation. So yeah, I sorta developed a deep love/hate relationship with it. Besides the green shade, there is a lilac concealer for dark under eyes that works great as well, it neutralizes the blue tones on my face and I even feel like it illuminates my skin a little. The other two nude shades are great to conceal any kind of imperfections but I only use the lighter one for that purpose. The other beige concealer it's too dark for my skin tone so I wear it on my eyelids as an eyeshadow primer. It gives a little bit of color to my eyelids and also helps my eye makeup stay in place.

Hardest to get: APAISAC Restructuring Emulsion for weakened and dried skin by dermatological treatments - it's a day moisturizer that you can only find at pharmacies. My daily routine doesn't really includes "rare" beauty products, I usually stick to drugstores or biological stores but nothing really fancy. I'm not sure if it's because this skincare line doesn't sell much in my country or if it's just too popular but sometimes pharmacies have it out of stock. I started using this emulsion because my dermatologist recommended it, I warn you that it has a terrible fragrance (very much medicine alike) but I'm hoping this will do a good job fighting my acne.  The reason why I'm holding high expectations for this APAISAC moisturizer it's because my sister treated her acne a few years ago with a skincare line called HYSEKE from the same laboratories (Bailleul.Biorga) that made the APAISAC line as well. *edit* - I've been using it for a month and it has helped keeping my skin aways from the flaked look that usually happens because of harsh acne treatments. However I might go for other alternatives from this skincare line before repurchasing this product, the fragrance bother me a bit too much, even though it fades away in a few minutes.

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

☛Most delicious:I couldn't just pick one! My first choices are my Lush soaps - Bohemian and Sultana of Soap (check this post for further information about them). They smell better than any shower gel that I have tried!
Next I picked my 3 Yves Rocher lip gloss duos, in the following shades, from left to right: Corail and Mandarine, Rouge and Nude, Rose and Brun. The ones on the bottom are very shimmery, the formula has a lot of sparkles which make them great glosses for nightime. The ones on top are more sublte, they're very creamy but also a bit shiny. These came in a makeup box with a bunch of other things so I'm not sure if they can be bought separately.
Then I have my Vanilla and Almonds hand cream from O Boticário. One of my girls gave this to me and it never left my beauty bag since then. It's really creamy, the sweet almond fragrance makes me wanna eat it! I use it a lot during Winter to moisturize my hands and it really helps me avoiding dry skin. The packaging is also handy and easy to carry. I personally love products from O Boticário, I never had any allergies to them instead of my last experience with the Body Shop skin lotions.
Last but not least, there's my favorite perfume from Don Algodon called Flor de Algodon. It is a sweet fragrance, very feminine and subtle, it reminds me a lot of cotton candy and gums. I usually spray it on my wrists, behind my ears and my chest area, the fragrance seems stay on for a whole day but by the end of it you might notice that the scent has become a lot lighter.

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?

☛Most Neglected:Those would be my restoring lip balm from Barral Derma Protect and the eyelashes curler that I bought at H&M. The lip balm does a great job repairing my chapped lips but I find it a bit too creamy and shinny to wear under my lipstick during daytime. I like to use it before I go to sleep so it can restores my lips during sleep but I often forget about it. With my curler I have the exact same problem, because I'm always in a hurry for college I always forget to use it. Since my eye lashes are very big and have a natural curl that can be hold by a good mascara, I don't really bother if I forget to use the curler. The H&M curler it's obviously not a great eye lashes curler but it does the job.

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

☛ Gives me more confidence:A pink or red lipstick boosts any girl's confidence. There are a lot of reddish and pinkish shades so it's important that you choose the ones that fit our skin the best. If you do it right, a lipstick can really make a difference! One of my favorite lipsticks is my Sephora Rouge Love Test, it's really pigmented and a bit creamy so it doesn't dry my lips. It comes in a fuschia pink, when applied it might become a bit darker depending on your natural lip color.
Next I have my precious Vichy foundations. In general foundation helps a lot in our skin appearance, it can bright up your face and hide the imperfections that make us feel more uncomfortable. I personally feel a lot more confident when I use foundation to cover up the redness of my face, considering that a lot of my redness was caused by old acne scars, sometimes it seems like I have more acne than I actually do. The skin needs time to heal and return to it's natural tone which might become hard to endure without bringing our confidence down. I use these two foundations together with green concealer to adjust my skin color. The Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation it's great to conceal my imperfections and the Vichy Norma Teint sebum-proof foundation with SPF 20 I use it on my daily basis. The first one is a lot thicker and it might dry your face giving you a flaked skin look. On the other hand, the concealing and staying power it's really good. 
The sebum-proof foundation is very liquid and smooth, it blends pretty well but the staying power is not as good as the corrective one. Even having an oily skin this foundation hasn't break me out. Due to its lightness, I find it great for Summertime or natural makeup looks. It really feels like you don't have anything on your face! The sunblock is a great factor to consider and on the overall it's worth its price. 
I find Vichy foundations a lot yellowish than the rest on the market which make them match my skin color perfectly. 

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Lets see, the best attribute a guy can have is a brain. I find intelligence very much sexy! The first thing I look for a guy is a strong personality and values. But if we are talking about physical features I have a crush for friendly smiles and expressive eyes. I know, I know, it sounds really poetic but that's really what I love! If I had to pick a body type I would choose a tall and defined man, but I'm not really picky and I don't like very muscular men anyways. I rather have a great person beside me that has a big fat belly than a hot guy that works all day at the gym and that's a playboy without any values. Besides that I have a thing for guys with a messy hair and sense of style. It's not like that have to like fashion or anything, as long as they have a personal style and know how to dress appropriate I'm happy with it :) And oh, having a good sense of humor it's always a plus! I love guys can can make me laugh.   

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

☛ Items I like to receive as a gift: When it comes to beauty products I think I prefer getting body lotions and shower gels just because you can never go wrong with them! It's easy to pick good a lotion, soap or shower gel to someone as long as you know the person you're offering it too and even if you don't you can always ask someone that does for advice but in general it's easy to get it right. It would be a lot harder to pick makeup because you might not get the right shade unless you know exactly what you're looking for.
I have this Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde shower gel with Masdagascan Orchid that my mom got me last Christmas. I like how fresh the fragrance feels and the floral scent that it leaves on my body. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to last long on my skin and it pretty much goes away a couple of hours after I get out of the shower.
Then I have my Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue shower gel and body lotion that I bring with me when I travel. The packaging it's small and handy, both of their scents remind me of the sea. Somehow I also find them suitable for men, not that's a bad thing because I actually like how refreshing and light those can be. I get some kind of citrus feeling as well, which make it a bit strong without being intoxicating.

I think that's all for today! Sorry for the long post but I though adding reviews would make the content more relevant than making just a tag. I hope you liked it, let me know your opinion about it by leaving a comment ♥

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