Empties of the month (February)

segunda-feira, 11 de março de 2013
Hello my lovelies Fashion Week has finished! I filmed a vlog and hopefully I'll have it edited until the end of this month. For now I have a video for my Empties of the Month from February. Here's a bit more about the products I've mentioned:

Klorane Nourishing Shampoo with Mango butter
The fragrance is really fruity, which is expected since the shampoo has mango extracts. It's very nourishing and gives my hair a shiny and healthy look. The product looks really orange, you can see it in a full bottle since the packaging is transparent. I must say this is my current favorite shampoo.

Yves Rocher Shampoo Brown Highlights
I got this from Yves Rocher catalog, I liked it but it takes a few weeks to see the results. When I finished the bottle I noticed my hair had some brown and reddish highlights but nothing really special. It is an okay product to me.

Corine de Farme Refreshing Wipes
These are great! The wipes are 96% natural origin, parabens free, hypoallergenic and 100% biodegradable. The packaging doesn't say anything about the fragrance but I think the wipes smell like apples. The wipes are really soft, I love the texture. Since they don't remove makeup, I only use them to clean my hands.

Diadermine Express Cleansing Wipes
I just bought these because they offered more 60% free. I don't have much to say, they didn't gave me a strong impression because they didn't have a deep cleansing power. I don't recommend these if you use  makeup with good staying power, the wipes probably won't remove it efficiently.

Rituals Hands Free Sanitizer
One of my best friends gave me this with a few products from Rituals an year ago. This has become my favorite sanitizer, it has a fresh fragrance and it leaves my hands clean. I'm a bit of a germophobic so I always bring small sanitizers on my handbag. The packaging says Green Tea, I'm not sure if it refers to the fragrance or the product components but either way it's a good sanitizer.

Avène Cleanance Gel for oily, blemish-prone skin
I liked the experience with this cleanser, I feel like it helped me keep my skin really clean and healthy. The PH of 7.2 helps drying the excessive sebum on an prone skin. However, my dermatologist told me to try other products because this gel could be over drying my skin. Sometimes an oily skin feels the need to produce more oil when it feels over dried, on my case it's really difficult to find a balance between drying my skin without making it produce even more oil. I'm still trying to find the right cleansing gel and even if I liked the cleansing power of this gel, it wasn't appropriate for my skin type.

H&M Liquid Eyeliner
I like how it's applied, the pen is really easy to use and the fact that's inexpensive makes it a great eyeliner for people who are starting using makeup. The staying power is weak when you don't use a primer. This literally melts on my eyelids if I don't use some kind of base. Even if you don't have a eyeshadow primer, use regular foundation on your eyelid before applying the eyeliner, it helps keep everything on place for more hours.

Luminelle Liquid Eyeliner (Yves Rocher) in Noir
I like the fine brush, it makes it easy to apply. However, the staying power is really weak and it flakes like crazy. I won't be purchasing this again.

Luminelle Mascara Ultra-Volume 
It's a nice mascara, it makes my eyelashes appear longer and thicker but it flakes a lot. I like the brush but I'll be trying other mascaras, I'm not quite satisfied with this one.


That's all for today, I hope you guys liked. If you have any suggestion for my videos leave your opinion on the comment box below. Again I'm sorry that my video is in portuguese, I'll try to keep translating the main content of the videos in my blog posts so you guys can understand it. I hope you understand ♡♡♡

Olá ♡ Aqui está o novo vídeo, hoje trouxe-vos os produtos que acabei em Fevereiro e a minha opinião sobre os mesmos. Se tiverem sugestões para os próximos vídeos deixem a vossa opinião na caixa de comentários 

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