Dezember Favorites and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2013
Hello my lovelies! First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you all get to spend some quality time with your beloved ones and hopefully eat a lot of yummy food :D Here is my latest youtube video with the favorites of this month (December). My video is in portuguese so I'm translating my opinion in this post. Keep reading the article to know more :)
Olá a todos! Antes de mais quero desejar-vos um FELIZ NATAL!!! Espero que todos vocês possam aproveitar este tempo para celebrar junto da vossa família e espero comam montes de comida deliciosa :D Aqui fica o vídeo mais recente do meu canal com os favoritos de Dezembro, espero que gostem :)

Here's the list of the products, respectively:

● Primark beanie
 Primark grey knit jacket
 Boots from Seaside
 Etude House Hetoinette heart blusher #PK001 Pink Kiss
 Sleek palette Oh So Special
 H&M Liquid Eyeliner pen
 Essence Gel Eyeliner in shade 01 Midnight in Paris
 Catrice Highlighter Pen
 M.A.C lipstick in Smoked Purple from the matte collection
● Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me
 LLongueras ColorProtection hair mask
 Instax Mini 8 in light pink


I bought the beanie at Primark last Summer, not sure why they had it in that season though. Anyway, I started using it quite often during this month because it is really warm and appropriated for the current weather. It cost me around 4 euros and the colors of the beanie go pretty well with everything: denin trousers, black leggings, baggy sweaters, even skirts...anything really!

● The grey knit jacket is a very versatile piece, you can work it during Winter with a long winter jacket on top of it but I can still wear it during Spring with a light shirt under. It's a very long jacket, I like the fact that it covers my butt xD

● These boots are from a portuguese store called Seaside, the most famous in my country when it comes to shoes. The boots are from last year's collection but the latest line from Seaside has a few shoes pretty similar to the model I own. It cost me between 25-35 euros, I can't remember the price exactly but I don't usually buy shoes more expensive than that.

● The heart blusher from Etude House in #PK001 Pink Kiss is the most natural blush I ever had. It has a frosty finish, leaving your skin shiny in a subtle way. I love how good this blush makes my cheeks look! The packaging is wonderful, 5 stars out of 5, totally worth the price even if it costs a little bit more than I usually spend on blushes. It comes with an adorable pouch and the blush is made of little hearts that you mix together on the plastic box. It's my favorite blush ever :)

● Sleek Palette Oh So Special has become my favorite palette. I never used eyeshadow on my daily basis due to my oily eyelids but since I started a new medication for acne and a new skincare routine, I managed to use eyeshadows without having them melting in my eyelids. I've been using the shade Pamper on my whole lid, sometimes I add a bit of the Ribbon if I want a pinky pop of color, and I finish with the shade Bow for highlighting. It's gives me a natural look which I love. This Sleek palette has become my "go to" palette, it has a mix of neutral shades and a few darker ones if you need a nighttime look. When I travel I usually take the Oh So Special palette with me instead of the other palettes I own.

● The H&M liquid eyeliner pen I only use on top of the Essence Gel eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner flakes quickly on its own. I use concealer on my eyelids first so the eyeliner can stay in place longer but it still flakes after a couple of hours.
So I came up with this trick: I use concealer on my lids as a base color and primer, then I apply the essence Gel eyeliner, and next I use the H&M liquid eyeliner pen. This makes the wing last FOREVER. After 6 hours the wing might be less defined but it will stay in place and avoid that melting/flaking look.

● The Essence Gel eyeliner it's a lot better on its own compared to the H&M eyeliner pen but it also melts a bit after a couple of hours. Nothing very problematic though! But if you will be going out to a bar or somewhere where it's gonna be hot, try my trick and use BOTH eyeliners :)

● Catrice Highlighter pen is amazing, so inexpensive and practical! It is really easy to use and I find the formula very soft and buttery - which is good when you want to highlight the inside corners of your eyes; pencils are usually very harsh and this is a much practical option. It leaves your skin very shimmery and it has white, pinky undertones. My boyfriend loves this on the inside corners of my eyes when I use eyeliner. As he says, it makes my eyes so shiny and pretty!

● The M.A.C Smoked Purple lipstick is the most expensive lipstick I own, it cost me around 28 euros when I bought it for Lisbon Fashion Week. I kinda forgot about it after the fashion week but the dark lip trend made me have the courage to wear it in public xD This is a very matte lipstick, 0% shine and it dries your lips like crazy. To avoid the terrible chapped lips look, I always apply lip balm first and dab a bit of the M.A.C. Smoked Purple lipstick on my lips. I'm using it on my video above and I'm showing you 1/5 of that lipstick true color. You can build it until your lips get a very dark purple shade like when I did this time here.

● Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me is amazing! For some reason I find the formula of Cherry Me different from Pink Punch. Cherry Me is a lot more moisturizing and buttery, it literally melts on my lips. The lip balm comes in a nice cherry shade and it has been my savior during this harsh weather. I also think this fits pale skins a lot better than Pink Punch.

● I never had any feedback about the Llongeras ColorProtection hair mask before I tried this. I heard from a classmate that she used hair masks from this brand and her hair was really pretty at that time. I was in need of a new hair mask to intercalate with my L'oreal Vitamino Color Expert since this one is so damn expensive. So I picked up the Llongeras hair mask for 3-4 euros at the supermarket and I'm so glad I did! It comes in a huge package that will last forever, I use it in my wet hair after I wash out the shampoo, then I leave the hair mask on my hair for 30-60 minutes. I'm not sure if it does something for my hair color but I noticed this makes my hair a lot more detangled and a bit softer. A real bargain if you tell me!

Instax Mini 8 is my new baby! I am in love with this camera, the design is adorable and I love how light it is compared to my Canon 550D. It cost me 99 euros at the Fnac store and I buy the photos-thingys online, since they're 10 euros more expensive in my country. The camera comes with 5 shooting options: indoors, cloudy days, sunny days, very sunny days (lol xD), and a hi-key option. You can find further information here. I'm still struggling with positioning my hands how I'm supposed to but I keep covering the sensors with my fingers and my pictures sometimes get burned -.- I recommend you guys to watch this video, it has some fast and basic information about the camera. For people like me who work with digital cameras all the time, getting into analog can be a bit tricky :P

And this is all for today folks. I hope you're having a wonderful day! At this exact moment my family is cooking octopus and codfish for Christmas dinner :D Eating codfish is a very common tradition in Portugal during Christmas night. My friends also eat turkey, also a very common tradition, but since my father comes from the North of the country, we have octopus instead of turkey xD
What do you guys eat on Christmas night? 
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E é tudo por hoje. Espero que tenham todos um dia muito feliz! Neste preciso momento
a minha família está a cozinhar polvo e bacalhau para o jantar :D E vocês? 
O que comem na noite de Natal? 
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