Ebay Haul: Asian Beauty Produts (mostly korean products) - first impressions and thoughts

domingo, 1 de dezembro de 2013
Hello my lovelies! I recently made a video about my recent purchases on ebay. For a while I've been wanting to try out asian beauty products so I thought it was about time to order some. Here it is my video, I'm speaking in portuguese but you can check the rest of the article to read my opinions.
Olá! Aqui está o vídeo mais recente com as compras que fiz no ebay. Já há algum tempo que tenho querido experimentar produtos de beleza asiáticos por isso decidi que era altura de mandar vir alguns. Aqui estão eles...

Here's the list of the products, respectively:

● TONYMOLY Pocket Bunny Mist for oily skin
● Innisfree Mineral Color Primer color green (SPF30,PA++)
● Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion
● Biorè Makeup Cleansing liquid (this is what was written by the seller on the product description, however this is a cleansing oil, not a "watery"one) 
● Facial Cleansing Brush
● TONYMOLY Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub 
● The Face Shop Mini Pet hand cream in Sweet
● Kose Japan ClearTurn Vitamin C Whitening Face Mask
● Étude House Etoinette Heart Blusher in #PK001 Pink Petal Kiss


I tried a few of them and I think they are AMAZING! Here you have some words about the products...
● I love the Bunny Mist and how natural my makeup looks after I spray it in my skin. My face and makeup look refreshed when I use this facial spray for touch ups. The only think I dislike is the diffusor, the brand recommends spraying your face with the bunny mist 30cm away from your face but I find it impossible. The water can't reach my face if I do that, the diffusor is not strong enough. There are two versions of the bunny mist and I got the one for oily skin, which has citrus components.
The packaging is just so adorable, it's small and it fits any purse or beauty bag, it's a truly something worth to keep for your collection of kawaii stuff.
● I've been using the Innisfree primer the whole Summer to protect my skin from the sun and help me with hyper pigmentation caused by my acne. It does help with the redness of my skin but the primer leaves a slight white cast after I apply it. I don't mind it that much but some people might, specially if they are very tan. Also, in when I first used it, the scent was very strong and it smelled like dirt, like if I was gardening all day or in the woods. It was very weird and I hated it but the scent disappeared after one week. Not sure if the product just needed to breath or something but now I can barely feel that scent anymore. Anyhow, I like that it has 30 SPF and I see a difference on my skin tone when I use it.
●  I haven't used the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion so much but for some weeks I used it in the morning before I apply my makeup. It helped me get my skin cleaned and I felt like it was gentle on my skin. I didn't got to use it with makeup on so I don't know how it works as a makeup remover. The packaging is adorable and I'm obviously gonna keep it after I finish the lotion.
● First of all, Biorè Makeup Cleansing liquid is not water based as I first though. This is a cleansing oil so it might not be the best for oily skin. However, this product is AMAZING and super effective when it comes to removing my makeup. I'm really obsessed when it comes to cleansing my face and this is the best cleanser I've tried. If you have dry skin, PLEASE BUY IT. The makeup will melt in your hands as you rub them gently on your face. It's great even with eye makeup, believe me. I might try out Bioderma since their formula is based in H2O (water, duh) but if it doesn't work out, I'll come back to this one.
● The Facial Cleansing Brush was the cheapest of all these products. It's good to help you build up your cleanser and it's really gentle on your skin. The brush was a lot denser than I expected and it's really soft on your skin.
● When I first saw the packaging of the TONYMOLY Latte scrub I was immediately a fan of the product. As the video shows, you have a scoop on the top that you can use to get your scrub out of the container. I find asians a bit reluctant to use their hands directly on skin products since a lot of the products are sold with little scoops like this one. The scrub has little grains and it smells like an expresso! It makes me wanna eat the scrub ahah! Worth my money, and again, another product to add to my kawaii collection.
● I ordered The Face Shop Mini Pet hand cream in the sweet scent. For some reason the hand cream has more of a floral scent than a sweet scent, which kinda made me sad. But I admit this was more of a item to spoil my kawaii side, and I got it mostly because of the packaging.
● Kose Japan ClearTurn Vitamin C Whitening Face Mask, wow that's a big name. This is a great product to help your skin relax. I've tried it twice so I don't have a strong opinion about it besides the fact that's incredibly fun to scare my family when I get out of my room with the sheet mask on my face. This was recommended by Kimdao on her youtube channel and she used the sheets on her skincare routine to help lightning her skin. I didn't notice any difference with my skin tone but after Winter goes by, I shall test these masks more constantly so I can get a better opinion. The reason why I don't use it in Winter it's because the sheets are soaked in a lotion that it's too cold when I take it out the package.
 ● I also got Étude House Etoinette Heart Blusher in the shade #PK001 Pink Petal Kiss. This is an amazing product, no downsides on this. The packaging is a total keeper, it looks like something that belongs to royalty! It's so cute and the blush is really pretty on my skin. The blush comes in little hearts in 3 color: hot pink, baby pink and beige. I added some swatches on the video so I advise you to check those out before buying the blush, just to see if it goes with your skin. The blush is pigmented but a bit powdery, I find it a lot softer than european brands, I'm supposing that's due to the fact that asians prefer a more discrete look than europeans? Anyway, I love thus blush and its packaging.

I hope your guys liked the mini reviews, remember all of the products were bought 
with my money and this post was not sponsored, my opinion is 100% honest! 
Let me know what beauty products have you been using lately?
Which beauty products are your favorite? 
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