segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2015
My experience with body shaming

My experience with body shaming

I was happy to bump into this campaign this morning, made by the fellow blogger The Militant Baker.
It's no secret that Google Auto Complete says a lot about our society, just check out this list to know what I'm talking about.
Now when the conversation is about weight...Google search bar makes the body shaming clear.
With this in mind, the blogger decided to start a campaign called "Bodies aren't Ugly, Bullying is".
These are some of the pictures, and I must say, some of them really caught me by surprise.
quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2015
What I learned after college

What I learned after college

I feel like my student life never taught me right what to do after college. I also feel like there's nothing I've learned at college that has prepared me 100% for the ruthless business market... but again, how could it? The market is constantly changing, the people who run the businesses also change, everything is just so dynamic and fragile at the same time that it makes it impossible for universities to keep up as fast.
I'm not saying with this that universities have no fault on how unprepared the students leave their facilities. I personaly don't agree with the teaching methods and a lot of the content we have to learn in order to be "good students". Why? Because in real life 60% of that content is totally useless! After finishing my degree I felt lost for a while but after 1 year of working I collected a few things I want to share with you so maybe you won't feel as confused as me when I entered the business market.

So here it is the list of things I wished I knew before I started working.

quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2015
TOP 15 best instagram accounts

TOP 15 best instagram accounts

Since the beggining I've been a big fan of instagram. It might seem to a lot of us like a simple app but it's not that easy to get followers on it. Why? Because there are a few aspects when it comes to photography that count A LOT in taking and sharing pictures from your cellphone.

Here I share my top 15 instagram accounts which are good examples of photo editing and composition.

quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015
Can I make a blog pause?

Can I make a blog pause?

I stoped making blog posts 9 months ago.
Why? Life happened! I started working 8 hours a day, taking public transports to get home, taking care of taxes and paying medical bills...everything became so overwhelming.

At the same time, I felt really guilty for making a blog pause. I didn't want to disappoint my followers!

Even when I was at work, I was always searching for more knowledge on how to become a better blogger and create better content. I was not blogging, but I was always checking for fashion, beauty, web design trends and so on.

I also figured, during the past months, that I've gathered a lot of information about social media management and digital marketing and how blogging has become so much more than it used to.

So I can pause your blog for a while and still devolop your blogging skills!

On my paiting classes, I was taught to take two steps back from my paiting in order to avaluate how it was turning out. I believe it works the same way with blogging, specially when you're feeling like something is not turning out as you wanted to. Here is a list of things I've learned during the 8 months my blog was paused.

 What I learned after 8 months without blogging