Why I don't recommend BroadbandTv or Kandesa Portugal

quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2016
Today I want to share my experience with BroadbandTV and talk about the portuguese community for beauty bloggers they created called Kandesa Portugal.
I want to start my post with a very clear message:

Don't join Kandesa Portugal.

Want to know why? Prepare yourself for a long post!

Sofysgalaxy Youtube Channel

I finally got rid of my contract with BroadbandTV this week, and I have to say, uff! FINALLY.

Starting from the beginning, I was contacted by a man called Nuno 2 years ago asking me if I wanted to join this brand new portuguese community created by the amazing big ass company: BroadbandTV.
I researched a little and noticed that this company is known for monetizing youtube videos and paying content creators a percentage of their earnings from adds. I though "Aw, cool!" But then I came across this post and also this post and realized they were not making very good deals for the creators.

However, since I was just starting on youtube and in Portugal there weren't any other ways to monetize your videos at that time, (youtube monetization was only available is a few european countries but not Portugal) I accepted their contract.

Nuno, the one who first contacted me and who I believe had only good intentions, suggested a skype call so I could expose all my questions. He told me I could back off ANYTIME. I just had to tell him why I wanted to leave and he would take care of it for me. I believed him. He believed it as well, however we were both wrong.

At the beggining I was satisfied, Nuno contacted a portuguese youtuber called Mónica Borges to be hired as a community manager for the portuguese team. She did a great job advertising our content, keeping the community together and even arranging some tiny meet ups on beauty conventions such as Expocósmetica.

Meanwhile, a few things happened that made me realize that BroadbandTV and their employees had serious lack of communication.

  1. I wanted to change my youtube username and link and I was told by Nuno that it was possible. So I changed my blog, my social media, everything to Sofysgalaxy, and then when I went to my youtube settings...guess what, that change was not possible. I spent weeks planning a new name, making marketing plans to then realize that I couldn't change my youtube username to sofysgalaxy. It is now Sofia Silva because youtube only accepts "real names" from your Google+ account. I figured this out on my own since no one on Kandesa Portugal seemed informed about the topic and even made me sound "silly" because they just though I didn't know how to change my youtube username.
  2. When I joined the community, they were first called Viso. They gave me a few logos and intros to put on my youtube videos which I was silly enough to use. A couple of months later they were changing the community name to Kandesa Brasil...
    Problem a) now I had several videos with an intro for a community called Viso that was not called Viso anymore.
    Problem b) the name of the community was Kandesa Brasil but I am portuguese...from Portugal. Why would they assume I am brazilian? I know we all speak portuguese but come on! Were they seriously ignoring ALL the portuguese content creators from Portugal just because we represent a smaller country?
So I contacted everyone I could from Kandesa and they told me something that sounded a lot like "oh well, superior orders, there's nothing we can do." They didn't help me at all with either of these subjects and I realized they were just tiny puppets from a bigger picture.
A few more months went by, other portuguese youtubers expressed their disappointment and I guess somehow BroadbandTV saw the point of creating a new community called Kandesa Portugal.

We (portuguese youtubers) got so excited! "Maybe now the community will have a better communication" we thought. Mónica even created a facebook page and private group for all of the content creators and Kandesa Portugal was doing okay on youtube with new content always comming up.
Everything seemed to be going in the right direction. 


Mónica quitted her job at Kandesa Portugal and they decided to hire someone else, this time a brazilian youtuber.
To be honest, I never heard of her besides the formal announcement Kandesa made when she got the job.
What I know is that from then on, nobody would write on the portuguese facebook group anymore, no one would advertise our videos on social media anymore. Kandesa Portugal's youtube channel was dead and the only ones left on social media were the confused creators (like me) discussing on how to get out of this mess.

Last youtube video on Kandesa Portugal was done 7 months ago...

I noticed they made a Christmas edition with the portuguese youtubers but, again, it died after December.

I used the facebook group Mónica created for the community to ask my youtuber friends how they felt about Kandesa Portugal. We all started to realize no one was talking to us anymore, asking for collaborations, arranging events or meetups, advertising our videos on social media...we were totally forgotten!

Worst! We all started comparing our earnings...

It seemed that, no matter how many monetized views or subscribers we had, the payment was almost the same every single month: around 1-2 USD.
I went to check my BroadbandTV receipts and I wondered how could I be making over 3k monetized views and 6k monthly views and earn so little money?
I found it weird but the money issue was not a big deal to me, again portuguese creators didn't have any other options at that time to even think about earning money on youtube. So even 1-2 USD were fine for me.
But this made me wonder what would happened if I stopped making videos. So that's what I did, I stopped making videos for one month. I received 1-2USD. Then I decided to let another month pass by...aaaaand I received another 1-2USD. I eventually gave up on doing videos, and guess what, I still received the exactly same amount, more or less, for the next 8 months.

My Partner Revenue Report

Wait...so I make the same money by creating 3 videos a month or creating 0? Now this sounds shady.

I sent an email to Mónica, who became a good youtuber friend of mine, and she told me it sounded weird, specially when I told her about the 3k MONETIZED views. She though they were montly views, which would explain the low earnings, but nope, my montly views were 6k.

As you can see from the picture below, I stopped creating content on May the 14th (2015). Now if you compare it with the picture above, where you can see BroadbandTV receipts sent through Paypal to my email, after May I still got the same amount of money every month even without creating content. Does it make any sense to you?

Last youtube video (date proof)

Even after all these facts, I thought: "Well maybe I don't have enough knowledge about all the metrics that come together on monetized views. I will try to contact Kandesa Portugal one last time."
Mónica had advised me to contact Nuno, since she was no longer working for Kandesa, but Nuno had moved to another department so I couldn't really solve this problem with him either.

Luckily, a portuguese youtuber shared on facebook a new email support system for Kandesa girls that none of us had heard of before.

I wrote them an email in order to ask more questions about my earnings and also make a complaint on how the community manager was not running things how she should. I also expressed how I was thinking about leaving the community with so many others portuguese youtubers hoping they would give a crap about it.

Well, they didn't.

A brazilian manager (I could tell by the writing)  replied to me. Not sure if it was the one who should be running Kandesa Portugal's social media or not, but she was very cold in her email.
She told me she was sorry I felt that way, but that I had to wait until January to drop my contract.
This got me thinking:

"Wait...so you're not interested in clarifying my payments or discussing my complaint and now you're saying that I have to wait until a certain date to leave the community when I was told since the beggining that I could leave it whenever I wanted?!"

At this point I was furious. If they didn't give a crap on how me and my youtuber colleagues were feeling about the community and the weird payments...then why the hell did they decide to create Kandesa Portugal in the first place?!

They were probably doing more money with brazilian creators than portuguese creators, because their country is bigger and so are their numbers (of users, views and monetized videos).
They didn't care about the fact that so many of portuguese creators were dropping out of the community because we didn't represent big $$$$ to them.
However, they tried to keep us with them for as long as possible, using our contracts against us, so they could get a few more coins in their pockets.

I was told by the brazilian manager that my youtube channel would be released on January the 14th but for my surprise (or maybe I should have expected it) on January 15th, they were still monetizing my channel.

I had to send them two to more emails, one was not even replied (I waited 3 days), but the second one, where I mentioned my lawyer, was replied in 24 hours. My channel was released on January the 18th. This time, who solved my problem was not the same brazilian girl, but a brazilian guy called Eduardo, who I thanked for helping me with the situation. I really don't think the other girl had any intentions of helping me, specially if she was the community manager I was making a complaint against...

Honestly, I was counting the days to be free from BroadbandTV and Kandesa Portugal.

Today there are more options for portuguese content creators and I strongly advise you to look for communities that have some kind of physical support in your country. You can meet them, discuss your interests face to face instead of going back and forth with emails.
I guess it would have been totally fine to work for a community who has only online support based in another country as long as those in charge were great at managing and communicating. But that wasn't the case of Kandesa Portugal.

Just look at the amount of different facebook groups I found related to Kandesa Portugal... it looks messy and confusing. Why are there so many? Do they even plan a social media strategy before starting their digital communities? Because along with Kandesa Portugal, there were Kandesa France, Kandesa Denmark... Do they even care about any of these communities, I wonder?
As a community manager myself, I feel almost insulted by the such low standarts Kandesa has on social media planning.

It's not like we're talking about a community of potatoes here, we were a community of digital creators and they didn't even care to plan a social media strategy to help us grow! 

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  1. What a story! I'd be pissed tot if i was treated like that! Anyway great post!

    Keep up the good work!


    1. I just read your comment! Thank you so much for reading my post Spooky. :)